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Management Team Training

Corporate Leadership/ Management Team training can help you and your organization by providing participants with the critical skills needed to enhance future success while impacting bottom-line results.

We ask and tailor for you. After a series of informal interviews, we present our findings and help you map a strategy suited to you and your budget. No matter the size or the needs of your business/organization, The New DMA can help you foster an environment of success among you and your employees.

The New DMA provided on-site Customer Service Training for the employees at a large comprehensive care community. We focused on the individual. Whether you are an employee, vendor, resident, visitor or family member, you are a customer. This training provided participants the tools to meet the needs of each customer.

We also helped an Atlanta-based company Build a Conflict Resilient Team. By using the Three R's, their employees learned to Recognize, Respond and Resolve conflict within their workgroup thereby improving communication and productivity.

For a central Georgia community, The New DMA conducted 360° Assessment to help define problem areas. These interviews included all levels of the organization. Using the same set of questions for every interview, we were able to discover gaps in job descriptions and organizational hierarchy that hinder productivity and communication. In compiling responses, patterns appeared. A tailored plan of action was created to meet their specific needs. The New DMA can assist in implementation of the plan when necessary.

Coming Up!

ONLINE Civil Mediation Training & Practicum
August 3-7, 2020
Understand the nature of conflict, responses to conflict and the basics of conflict theory. Learn the skills needed to facilitate the management of various types of conflict in a fun, energizing environment. Real-plays give students realistic hands-on experience. This course is a comprehensive overview of appropriate dispute resolution processes. General Civil Mediation Training is the foundational course for all advanced mediation trainings. Topics include: Diversity, Ethics, Generating & Exploring Options, Negotiation Skills, Professionalism, Role and Responsibility of the Mediator, Advanced Communication Skills including Listening Skills & Re-framing.

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